When an Inside Cat Gets Out!!!

Immediate Action:

If your kitty just bolted out the door, do not chase him or her. Assuming there is not another indoor animal, prop open the door through which he or she escaped and go around the house through another exit. Attempt to “herd” he or she back through the open door.

Search Strategy:

  • Indoor cats typically stay close by – on your block or within the surrounding blocks – maybe even next door.
  • Cats are nocturnal and will be
    more likely to be out at night. Grab a flashlight and search during the evening hours.
  • Put food and water outside your house.
  • If you have any leftover litter droppings, put them around your yard to attract your kitty with the familiar smell.
  • Post flyers (with a LARGE photo) on every telephone post in your local area, especially at the intersection of main streets. If you can afford a reward, we recommend noting “REWARD” on your flyer (amount does not need to be listed.)
  • Continue to look every day, every night.
  • Ask your neighbors to check the bushes in their yard and to help spread the word.
  • Some owners have had success with placing non-harmful traps with food inside. Please ask your veterinarian or animal behaviorist before proceeding with this option.
  • And, of course, post your cat’s description and photo under “Lost Pet” on Petlinker immediately, as well as search the “Found Pet” listings.
  • Don’t give up. Many determined owners have found their kitties after three weeks – one block away.

---Tips from Z CRITTER SITTER, Livonia, MI