Splitting Advantage Doses

This article refers only to Advantage, not Advantage Plus.

Imidacloprid is an EPA approved flea treatment, and it is the sole ingredient in Advantage. Read more about Advantage here.

Advantage is sold in several dosages, for both dogs and cats.
Every dosage of Advantage contains the the same solution
-- 9.1% imidacloprid -- only the amounts are different.

Since all dosages cost approximately the same, about $10 per dose, a considerable cost savings can sometimes be obtained by obtaining a larger size and splitting it among several pets. Remember that Advantage is not for kittens and puppies under 8 weeks old.

Mix the solution before dividing it with a syringe. Administer it on the skin at the base of head, or neck, where the animal cannot lick it off.

Recommended Dosages of Advantage

SpeciesWeight RangeDose
CatsUp to 9 pounds0.4 ml

Over 9 pounds0.8ml

DogsUnder 10 pounds0.4 ml

11-20 pounds1.0 ml

21-55 pounds2.5 ml

Over 55 pounds 4.0 ml