Pit Bulls - Saving America's Dog -
A Best Friends Campaign

"Dogs identified as 'pit bulls' now include more than 20 pure breeds and an ever-increasing group of mixed-breed dogs. Because of this, short-haired muscular mutts, brindle dogs, and any dog someone thinks is a pit bull is at risk in America today.

“'Profiling' dogs in this way implies a simple solution that does not address the real problem. The problem doesn’t lie with a particular breed, but with uninformed or careless owners. Pit bulls suffer from being popular dogs in communities where there is little access to resources that could help increase responsible pet care, particularly spay/neuter services and pet training. They end up in shelters for the same reasons that afflict most shelter animals. Most of them, if not for the stigma, would be considered good candidates for adoption. Sadly, their 'brand' has made them an unpopular dog among many people who are likely to adopt a shelter animal and even among some uneducated shelter workers.

    "Here are a few facts:

  • A number of different breeds of dogs are commonly confused with the pit bull, making breed-discriminatory legislation (BDL) extremely hard to enforce.
  • Pit bulls are gentle, loving and loyal. And, like any dog raised responsibly, they make great family pets.
  • No breed of dog is inherently aggressive or vicious.
  • Resident dogs kept for guarding, breeding or fighting are victims.
  • All dogs deserve humane care, socialization and training."

    ---- Best Friends